Software Implementation of an Autonomous Robot Capable of Detecting and Extinguishing a Flame

Gabriel-Petrut Badicioiu, Alexandru Savulescu


In this paper, it is presented, mainly from the point of view of designing the control program, the making of a mobile robot capable of detecting and extinguishing a flame. The program was structured using two main functions: the avoid() function that makes the robot to move around, avoiding the obstacles encountered in his path, and the firefighter() function that detects and extinguishes the flame. In terms of flame detection, the disturbance (sunlight variation) on the flame sensors has been canceled. There are presented the organization chart of the implemented program, the role of the auxiliary and main functions designed, as well as the main implemented code structures. After uploading the program on the Arduino Microcontroller, it appeared that the robot worked well and accomplished the intended task.

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