Power Intelligence and Asset Monitoring for System

Karunakara Rai, Akhilesh Jandhyala, Shantharama C


Research showed that manually monitoring the parameters of a transformer at the power grid or at the distribution transformer located in different areas of the city to be rather tricky and difficult.  System failures, overloading and leakages account to a major loss in the electricity boards. As a result, a fault tolerant system had to be built in order to forecast and predict these faults and failures in components beforehand based on daily usage. This paper proposes the idea of asset monitoring system in transformers in an intelligent way. The idea was to establish the technique of remote labs and industrial IoT. This wireless form of monitoring the parameters - active power, reactive power, apparent power, three phase voltage and current analysis of a transformer based on predictive analysis, would be a huge turnover to a country’s economy and thereby saving millions of dollars that is associated with these losses.

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