An Improved Robotic Control System Using Wireless Fidelity Network

Promise Elechi


In this work, Wireless Fidelity Technology commonly referred to as Wi-Fi was used for robotic control. The existing systems are mainly web based. Thus; they require some form of internet connections to operate effectively. This possesses a major challenge to developing countries like Nigeria with slow and unevenly distributed internet access. This project was carried out using the lolin NodeMCU version 1.0 (esp8266 e12 controller), two 12v dc motors, L293 motor driver and a 12v dc voltage source. Proteus and Matlab software were used to design the circuit and analyze the signal respectively. Control of the robot was based on a Wi-Fi hotspot network created by the robot system. Control of the robot was achieved without the use of a web server/computer but through an android based application developed on MIT app developer platform. This allows flexibility and security in the control of the robot as any android phone having the required application could access the system via its Wi-Fi network to actuate commands.

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