A Novel Optical Fiber Transmission System Using Duty-Cycle Modulation and Application to ECG Signal: Analog Design and Simulation

Laurel Tatou Nguefack, Félix Pauné, Gutenbert Wamba Kenfack, Jean Mbihi


This paper focusses on a novel optical fiber transmission system, with application on human ECG signal. Its novelty relies on the use of a simple and high quality DCM (duty-cycle modulation) circuit as the emitting interface. Then, the receiving interface device is a simple low-pass filter. A brief literature review on existing optical transmission systems is first presented, in order to better understanding the scientific scope of the proposed optical signal transmission system. In addition, the corresponding architectural model is designed from a mix of analytical and advanced numerical tools. Furthermore, a prototyping DCM-based optical fiber transmission system,  is implemented and well tested within Matlab/Simulink framework. As a relevant  finding, when testing the transmission of an ECG modulating signal, the overall  performance levels (e.g.,  SNR = 30 dB and RMS = 0.07),  as well as the  related hardware complexity and building cost, are more satisfactory compared to the capabilities  of most existing optical fiber transmission systems. Thus, the DCM technology, might become an attractive and emerging research area, for the manufacturing of high quality and low cost optical fiber signal transmission systems.

Keywords- optical fiber; Transmission system;  ECG signal, duty-cycle modulation; simulation.

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