Regulation control of quadcopter by designing Second Order SMC Controller

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Quadrotor have been an increasingly popular research topic in recent year due to their low cost, manoeuvrability, simplicity of structure, ability to hover, their vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capacity and ability to perform variety of tasks. Besides, it is a great platform for control systems research, which is highly nonlinear and under-actuated system.The main target of this paper is to model the quadrotor nonlinear dynamics using Lagrange formalism and design controller for attitude (pitch & roll), heading & altitude regulation of quadrotor. The mathematical modelling includes aerodynamic effects and gyroscopic moments. One Non-linear Control strategies, Higher-Order Sliding Mode Control (HOSMC) based on super-twisting algorithm has been proposed.  Higher-Order Sliding Mode Controller is designed for regulation or stabilization on the four controlled variables. The Controller has been implemented on the quadrotor physical model using Matlab/Simulink software. Finally, the performance of the proposed controller demonstrated in simulation study.

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