Development of a Gas Leakage Detection System

Chiamaka Cynthia Nnokwe, Brendan Chijioke Ubochi, Kelechi Vitalis Onwuzuruike


Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fundamental source of fuel in urban areas as a result of its comparatively higher calorific value and reduced impact on the environment. Due to the flammable nature of the gas, care must be taken in order to guarantee its safe use. In this work, a microcontroller-based gas leakage detection system is developed. The system detects leaked gas using MQ-6 gas sensor whose calibrated outputs are used to trigger an alarm and display gas levels on a liquid crystal display (LCD) for ambient gas concentrations above 100 PPM. Additionally, the system is configured to send an “EMERGENCY ALERT†message to a user’s mobile device in emergency situations.

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