Analysis the Probability of Bit Error Performance on Different Digital Modulation Techniques over AWGN Channel Using MATLAB

Diponkor Bala, G.M. Waliullah, Nazrul Islam, Ibrahim Abdullah, Mohammad Alamgir Hossain


Due to the demand at the present era of wireless communication technology, it is highly required a dependable communication system that can transmit more data with the lower probability of bit error. The digital modulation technique plays a vital role in modern wireless communication technology. Digital modulation technique provides the ability of more data transmission rates with better communication quality and higher data security using optimum bandwidth. By estimating the Probability of Bit Error, it will be possible to evaluate the quality of the performance of different modulation techniques. The aim of this paper is to discuss about the appropriate information of different digital modulation techniques which are extensively used in digital wireless communication systems and finally by analyzing the Probability of Bit Error (BER) performance of various digital modulation techniques, it will be concluded that which modulation technique is suitable for different Signal-to-Noise Ratio conditions. This paper is especially focused on the comparison of the Probability of Bit Error (BER) performance among ASK, FSK, PSK and QAM modulation techniques. In this paper, all the simulation of ASK, FSK, PSK and QAM modulation techniques are accomplished by using MATLAB.

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