Teaching Instrumentation to Electrical Engineering Students Using LabJack U12 Data Acquisition Unit

Abraham Dandoussou, Pierre Kenfack


LabJack U12 is among the various USB data acquisition units widely used today. The device uses USB cable to be connected to a personal computer, which is also used for its power supply. With its various screw terminals, its implementation is made easy in many applications. LabVIEW software is necessary for data acquisition process. The main objective of this paper is to help electrical engineering students to implement some temperature sensors using LabJack U12. Among those sensors, there are: a resistive temperature detector (RTD), a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor and a type K thermocouple. The obtained results make students to be familiar with the use of LabJack U12 and LabVIEW software. This will help them in their various professional projects.

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