A Fast Image Compression Web Service Using a REST API

Fidelis Odinma Chete


A Fast Image Compression Web Service Using a  REST API.


Fidelis Odinma, Chete and Alexander Omorokunwa

Department of Computer Science, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria



Abstract – Images constitute a very important kind of data, and it forms an integral part of digital communication and other computer image processing applications. Due to their information-rich nature, images tend to require relatively large memory space to store them; and a lot of bandwidth to transmit them through a network. Compression makes it possible to reduce their file sizes while retaining a sufficient amount of quality that should still be pleasant to the human visual system. This compression can either utilize lossy or lossless compression techniques or methods. A novel web-based compression system was presented in this project, which uses a smart lossy compression algorithm served through a REST API. The system proved efficient from the results obtained from testing with random large-size image files. And acceptable compression ratio, compression time and space-saving percentages were derived in all the test cases.

Keywords - Web service, Image compression, lossy, lossless, REST API.

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