Analysis of an Automatic Sliding Window

Adedotun Oluwakanyinsola Owojori, Hawal O. Alade, Adebola O. Olotuah


Automation over the years has found application in areas of automobiles, industrial machines, and some cases system conditioning. Nowadays home and building automation systems have been adopted to a greater extent as means of increasing comfort and achieving easy teleoperation tasks. These include energy management, water management, automatic opening and closing of access points or windows. This paper focuses on the design of an automatic sliding window system that responds to system command via a Bluetooth-developed App on a mobile phone. The system uses Arduino as its controller and HC-05 Bluetooth module as a communication link between the controller and mobile application which was developed on MIT Ai2 platform. An ultrasonic sensor is been used to measure the distance of the sliding window to the edge of the wall by sending out and receiving pulses. A distance beyond or less than a threshold implies the system is closed or open and this can be adjusted according to the user’s preference using the mobile application. This project involves processes like design, simulation, coding, fabrication, and assembling procedures. The fabrication of the window would be of a quarter size compared to normal window size and the material used would be an acrylic glass having a wooden edge. For the control of the system, the stepper motor is connected to the driver which is interfaced with the Arduino PWM pins. The window is communicated to, through the Bluetooth module interfaced to the Arduino Uno to control the motor attached to the window.

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