Harmonic pollution control of electrical networks: Comparative study of controls, by Pulse Width Modulation and by Duty Cycle Modulation of the three-phase shunt active Parallel filters

Fabrice Biloa Assolo, Charles Hubert KOM, Arnaud Nanfak, Gildas Martial Ngaleu


Abstract – The increasing use on electrical networks of consumer electronic devices (televisions, computers) and industrial electronic devices (variable speed drives, high-efficiency lighting), pollutes these networks through harmonic currents and voltages. The three phase active shunt filter is a modern pollution control solution three-phase electrical networks. Better pollution control requires proper sizing of the active shunt filter. Indeed, the capacity and adaptability of the filter reside in the quality of the control of the switches of the inverter constituting it. In this paper, a comparative study of pulse width modulation (PWM) and duty cycle modulation (DCM), of a three-phase shunt active parallel filter (SAPF) with voltage structure is carried out. The study shows that the Duty Cycle modulation control gives better results with regard to the reduction of harmonic pollution, and therefore the quality of the network.

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