Android application for monitoring and diagnosing air quality

Georgiana Vișan, Mădălina Cărbureanu, Sanda Mihalache


Air pollution is a major factor in developing health problems and its monitoring is essential in preventing them. The proposed application (AirAI) aims to provide information to people about the environment, respectively about the quality of the air they breathe in daily life. Through it, the concentration of each air pollutant, the corresponding index and the evolution in time can be identified. The people may also receive warning messages if a pollutant is about to exceed the allowable threshold or alert messages if the threshold has been exceeded and human health may be affected. Once warned, the application also presents a series of instructions that people can follow so as not to endanger their health. The application also uses artificial intelligence techniques, as it also presents a module that contains an expert system (knowledge base and inference engine) for establishing the general quality index of an air monitoring station and for issuing the corresponding warning messages. The developed expert system calculates the general index of an area gradually: initially it takes over all the concentrations of the pollutants, allocates for each pollutant a particular index, depending on its concentration.

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