Distance Protection Scheme For a Medium Voltage Power Distribution System

Umair Shahzad


Power system protection is a significant area which needs a lot of attention. The key aim of using power system protection is to isolate the faulty section from the system to make the rest of the network work without any disturbance. Moreover, it is used for the protection of power system and prevent the flow of fault current. It is an essential component of power system security and stability. Owing to the probability of sudden faults and disturbances, it is vital that appropriate protection schemes are designed to counteract these faults and disturbances to provide uninterrupted supply to customers. This paper attempts to design a distance protection scheme for a Medium Voltage distribution network using DIgSILENT Power Factory Software.  It is expected that this work may help researchers in protection design to come up with innovative ideas to apply on distribution networks of various topologies in the future.

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