Roseline Oghogho Osaseri, Agharese Rosemary Usiobaifo


Microservices is a software architecture that allows for the development and deployment of independently deployable, modular services. This approach to software development is designed to be scalable, making it particularly well-suited for large, complex systems that require the ability to handle a high volume of traffic or data. In this study, I demonstrated the benefits of using microservices for scalable software development, including the ability to deploy and update individual services without disrupting the entire system, and the ability to easily scale specific components of the system as needed. I also discuss some of the challenges and considerations involved in implementing a microservices architecture, including the need for robust communication and integration between services and the potential for increased complexity in the development process. Overall, microservices offer a promising approach to building scalable, maintainable software systems in today's fast-paced, data-driven world.


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