Performance Comparison of Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensors in Distance Measuring

Ionut Anghel, Claudiu Dumitescu


Ultrasonic and infrared sensors are widely used for contact-less mid-range distance measurements, in navigation systems, robotics and vehicle related applications.

This paper showcases the performance analysis of infrared and ultrasonic sensors in distance measuring for obstacles made of different types of materials such as: sponge, cardboard, wood, plastic, metal and glass, materials with different textures, thickness, colors and reflexion. Navigation systems are using both sensors for locating as well as for avoiding different types of obstacles.

Aspects of weight, dimensions, costs, accuracy, response times, and others make sensors widely accepted in all areas. It is extremely important to choose the best sensor specific to a particular measuring environment but at the same time that sensor that can calculate the distance for different types of obstacles. The analysis carried out during this paper aims to provide guidance in choosing the appropriate sensor for a certain type of obstacle.

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