Orifice Plate Sizing Calculation Using a New LabVIEW Technique

Abdalla Milad Faraj, Mohammed Ghnume, Abdulrahman A.A. Emhemed


Orifice plate meter is the most popular type of obstruction flow meter devices, due to its simplicity, low maintenance required, and long life time. This type uses differential pressure technique to measure the flow rate of fluids, which require accurate calculation of the orifice sizing at converting the flow rate into differential pressure. Although, the anciently, continuity and availability of the orifice plate as flow meter; the manual calculation of the plate sizing require more efforts and longtime consumption. This paper presents orifice plate flow meter calculation for a real case study data, based on the related flow calculation equations and their standard experimental tables and curves. These calculation has been computed manually and by using a new designing software program based on the Lab VIEW technique. The flow specification are entered to the program by using the designed user interface front panel, and the results of the calculated plate sizing is appeared in the same front panel, which increase the facilitate of the designed program. On other hand, the code of the program has been secreted in the Lab view block diagram to increase the security of the program. Once the program is completed, and to examine the designed program; the comparative has been taken between the results of both of the theoretical and the programmed calculations. The outcome of this program could help the designer in orifice plate sizing calculation.

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