Dynamic Nature of Electric Field Variations with Changing Dielectric Constant of Propagating Medium

Deborsi Basu, Kabita Purkait


The properties of electric field depend on the medium through which the ray is propagating. Depending upon the dielectric characteristics of the medium, the nature of the field changes. In microwave measurements and also in their application areas, it is very important to select the propagating dielectric medium based on the requirements otherwise the desirable output cannot be achieved. The influence of noise due to dielectric mismatch can produce erroneous results that further affect the experiment under consideration. In this paper an analysis has been made to show the deviation of received field depending on different dielectric media. Some specific dielectric materials have been placed inside the propagating medium, horn antennas are used both as transmitter and receiver and power meter is used to calculate the received power of the field. The power variations at the receiving section have been observed and a graphical representation has been made based on the received power variations with the frequencies of operation. Based on this analysis a clear understanding can be made on how the field depends on medium dielectric. This analysis is also helpful in various microwave measurements and designing of microwave devices.

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