Pulse Power Supply for Solid State RF Amplifiers: Simulation Study and Experimental Analysis

Sachin Rathi, M. K. Badapanda, Rajesh Arya, Akhilesh Tripathi, Rinki Upadhyay, Mahendra Lad


A pulse power supply consisting of 24 numbers of 50 V, 80 A pulse power modules has been developed to bias 24 numbers of solid state RF power amplifiers simultaneously for proton accelerator. A chopper switch based scheme has been adopted for development of these pulse power modules. This paper presents the simulation study of pulse power module and parametric sweep analysis for optimizing its circuit components like circuit inductance, snubber circuit capacitance etc. along with experimental validation of simulation results. Effects of crucial circuit components on output pulse performances are presented in this paper. The pulse width and repetition frequency of output pulse are variable from 100 µs to 2 ms and from 1 Hz to 50 Hz respectively. Heat run test of pulse power supply has been carried out on dummy resistive load for 8 hours, with simultaneous operation of 24 numbers of pulse power modules, each at 80 A peak current. The rise time and fall time of output voltage pulse are found to be < 15 µs and voltage droop in output pulse is observed as < 1 %.

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