Mix of Learning and Training Technicques in Laboratory about Power Factor Compensation

Mariana Iorgulescu


The power system contains very different process, characterized by a multiple parameters. The engineers that operates in this domain must be prepared to act without fail. Over a few years’ experience this study introduces a concept of learning in training power system field. This concept is implemented in power system laboratory. The other purpose of this study is to bring closer the needs of the companies to schools. The paper present techniques of power factor compensation learning as an important component of electric engineering education.

In present project the student is going to know the component’s parts of the electrical installations used and operating principals of them. Based on this, the student is going to identify the reactive power quantity absorbed from the electrical network by the industrial operator, then established the power factor compensation method and finally testing of the compensation obtained by measurements and calculations. Also the student will indicate the value of neutral value of power factor.

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